by Birthe Piontek


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Janus is another iteration of Birthe Piontek's ongoing inquiry into the topics of memory and change.

The photographs in Janus were made in the same corner of Piontek's studio as she explores how an artist can find inspiration in the limitations of a specific space. The notion of transformation is depicted by focusing on objects like fruits, vegetables and flowers – items that are commonly associated with the traditional still life genre.

In some images, the objects are photographed alone; in others, Piontek performs with them. In the combination of body and object, a kinship is revealed. Much of the series rests on the idea of an alikeness of all organic matter that is exposed to the forces of change. We all adapt, mutate, grow and decline every day, even if this transformation is mostly invisible to the eye.

Like the ancient Roman god, Janus – the god of beginnings, transitions, and endings – we always try to look into the future while being informed by our past. Thus the current moment, in which change is happening, usually slips by unnoticed.

The book includes an essay by Jason Koxvold titled Of skin and hair, of bone, and dust.

AUTHORS: Birthe Piontek and Jason Koxvold
EDITOR: Shane Rocheleau
TITLE: Janus
ISBN: 978-1-7338877-5-5
100 Pages, 45 images
243x320x14.3mm, 950 grams
EDITION: 500; First edition, first printing